Phasiks Inc. is a company dedicated to the advancement of innovative thermal management technologies for microfluidic systems. Our systems not only manage the thermal environment, they provide patented fluid control functions not previously available to the industry. The action-at-a-distance technology eliminates the need to incorporate complex mechanical components for fluid management functions within the microchip. The technology is compatible with a variety of microchip formats and materials including both plastic and glass.

Phasiks has successfully integrated its thermal management technology, including its thermally actuated micro valves, into a prototype point-of-care device used for the detection of respiratory viral infections. The complete thermal management includes performing DNA amplification. This project was supported in part by the Canadian/Quebec Genome Project in combination with Laval University, in Quebec City, and the University of California, Irvine. The enabling technology was developed by The Aerospace Corporation and subsequently funded by grants from the National Science Foundation.